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Cisterns in Istanbul

The Basilica CisternThe Basilica Cistern , Fatih

Basilica Cistern is located in the southwest of Hagia Sophia ( Ayasofya ). It provided water to İstanbul during Byzantine Period. It is the largest of all cisterns in Istanbul. The cistern Basilica is 70 m. in width and 140 m. in height. The dome, covering area of 9800 m2...

Acimusluk Street CisternAcimusluk Street Cistern , Fatih

Acimusluk Street Cistern Address: Hobyar Eminönü Mah. Cemal Nadir Sokak Fatih Istanbul , Where is Acimusluk Street Cistern? How go to Acimusluk Street Cistern by public transport?

Sogukçesme Street CisternSogukçesme Street Cistern , Fatih

Sogukçesme Street Cistern Address: Cankurtaran Mah. Soguk Çesme Sokak Ayasofya Pansiyonlari No: 36 Fatih Istanbul , Where is Sogukçesme Street Cistern? How go to Sogukçesme Street Cistern by public transport?

Egrikapi Water Distribution CentreEgrikapi Water Distribution Centre ,

Egrikapi Water Distribution Centre located in the district of Eyüp in Istanbul. Address: Defterdar Mah. Savaklar Caddesi Eyüp Istanbul , Where is Egrikapi Water Distribution Centre? How go to Egrikapi Water Distribution Centre by public transport?

Hippodrome CisternHippodrome Cistern , Fatih

Hippodrome Cistern Address: Küçük Ayasofya Mah. Kasap Osman Sokak Fatih Istanbul , Where is Hippodrome Cistern? How go to Hippodrome Cistern by public transport?

Sultan CisternSultan Cistern , Fatih

Sultan Cistern Address: Ali Kusçu Mah. Ali Naki Sokak Güven Apartmani B Blok No: 7 Fatih Istanbul , Where is Sultan Cistern? How go to Sultan Cistern by public transport?

Büyükotlukcu Slope CisternBüyükotlukcu Slope Cistern , Fatih

Büyükotlukcu Slope Cistern Address: Ali Kusçu Mah. Otlukçu Yokusu Sokak Fatih Istanbul , Where is Büyükotlukcu Slope Cistern? How go to Büyükotlukcu Slope Cistern by public transport?

Unkapani CisternUnkapani Cistern , Fatih

Unkapani Cistern Address: Cibali Mah. Atatürk Bulvari Fatih Istanbul , Where is Unkapani Cistern? How go to Unkapani Cistern by public transport?

Studios Cistern and Sacred WaterStudios Cistern and Sacred Water , Fatih

Studios Cistern and Sacred Water Address: Yedikule Mah. Ali Efendi Sokak Konut No: 26 Fatih Istanbul , Where is Studios Cistern and Sacred Water? How go to Studios Cistern and Sacred Water by public transport?

Tezgahçilar KubbesiTezgahçilar Kubbesi , Fatih

Tezgahçilar Kubbesi located in the district of Fatih in Istanbul. Address: Zeyrek Mah. Kovacilar Sokak Market Fatih Istanbul , Where is Tezgahçilar Kubbesi? How go to Tezgahçilar Kubbesi by public transport?

Binbir Direk Cistern Binbir Direk Cistern , Fatih

Binbir Direk Cistern Address: Binbirdirek Mah. Doktor Imran Ökten Caddesi Fatih Istanbul , Where is Binbir Direk Cistern ? How go to Binbir Direk Cistern by public transport?

Mokios CisternMokios Cistern , Fatih

Mokios Cistern Address: Seyyid Ömer Mah. Sirripasa Sokak Fatih Istanbul , Where is Mokios Cistern? How go to Mokios Cistern by public transport?

Fildami Water ReservoirFildami Water Reservoir , Bakırköy

Fildami Water Reservoir Address: Osmaniye Mah. Beyazevler Sitesi Yolu Bakirköy Istanbul , Where is Fildami Water Reservoir? How go to Fildami Water Reservoir by public transport?

Etmeydani CisternEtmeydani Cistern , Fatih

Etmeydani Cistern Address: Iskenderpasa Mah. Öksüzler Sokak Ahmediye Cami No: 1 Fatih Istanbul , Where is Etmeydani Cistern? How go to Etmeydani Cistern by public transport?

Serefiye CisternSerefiye Cistern , Fatih

Serefiye Cistern Address: Binbirdirek Mah. Dostluk Yurdu Sokak Eminönü Belediye Baskanligi Fatih Istanbul , Where is Serefiye Cistern? How go to Serefiye Cistern by public transport?

Bodrum Mosque CisternBodrum Mosque Cistern , Fatih

Bodrum Mosque Cistern Address: Mesihpasa Mah. Sait Efendi Sokak Fatih Istanbul , Where is Bodrum Mosque Cistern? How go to Bodrum Mosque Cistern by public transport?

Aspar Water ReservoirAspar Water Reservoir , Fatih

Aspar Water Reservoir Address: Balat Mah. Yavuz Selim Caddesi Fatih Istanbul , Where is Aspar Water Reservoir? How go to Aspar Water Reservoir by public transport?

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